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Why haven't I lost weight?

I have been using the Nutribullet for the past several weeks. I feel much lighter and healthier, but when I check my weight on my scale, there has been no movement. I am stilling weighing 190 lbs. My bowel movements have been 4 times a day.

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5 years ago

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First of all I want to say congratulations for taking control of your health! I also want you to know that there is more to health than a number on the scale. We often forget to think about inches lost, energy gained, mood improved, or medical issues being resolved. Weight loss takes time and when adjusting to a new way of eating, you need to allow your body time to adjust.

If you were not used to consuming high amounts of fiber-rich foods then that is why your trips to the loo have increased. Be sure to drink plenty of water (half your body weight - pounds - in fluid ounces at least!)
I encourage you to head over the our weight loss forum as Wally and I have answered similar questions to this one. Here I'll provide a brief overview. A few things to consider when trying to lose weight are...

1) NutriBlasts allow for more ingredients to be included so by adding boosts like nuts, seeds, superfood powders, protein powders, etc., the caloric content increases.

2) If adding a NutriBlast to your meals, this also may put you over your daily calorie requirements. We suggest using a NB as a meal replacement if using for weight loss.

3) Be mindful of what you put into the NutriBlast. You can use websites like this one: to determine how many calories might be in your Blast.

4) Stress management and exercise are also important. Blasting is part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

5) Portions. The large cup is a big portion so maybe cut back on the amount you consume or cut back on portions from your meals outside of Blasts as long as you are consuming at least 1200 calories a day and are satisfied.

6) Be mindful of the amount of fruits you use in your Blast. Too many high sugar fruits can cause blood sugar imbalance and hinder weight loss. Here are some good low sugar/low GI options:
And another good read about fruit and weight:

7) Be sure you do not have an underlying medical condition (low thyroid) or some type of food allergy or intolerance (gluten, dairy, or soy, etc.) that could also be hindering your weight loss success. Hopefully that gets you thinking about what may be contributing to the weight plateau. I know for me personally, I had to quit using protein powders b/c I saw my weight creeping up. I dropped that, added more veggies and back to my original size :)

Oh and one last thing...Wally has put together some additional tips for weight loss here:
Even though the scale may not be changing, it doesn't mean you aren't burning fat! What could be happening for you right now is you are losing fat, as you are building muscle. This is why the number on the scale is only one piece to the weight loss/fat loss puzzle. If you have the opportunity to get your body fat tested...that is another great thing to track on your weight loss journey!

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