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Which Blasts won't cause a sugar crash?

What blast can be made that won't bring about a sugar crash. I am brand new to nutri-livling.
Please help me as I have fibromyalgia, a total gastrectomy, have serious need for good nutritional life! Turning 50 this month and am a Grandmother of 6.

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5 years ago

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While I cannot provide personal medical nutrition advice I can point you in the direction of some general recommendations for your Qs. Please discuss these with your personal healthcare provider. Here's a recipe David Wolfe came up with: And Wally's personal story: Obviously the gastroectomy and the time since the surgery will influence what can and cannot be consumed so please discuss this with your Dr or personal dietitian. Some general recs for a post-gastroectomy diet include: Eat more foods high in soluble fiber: foods high in soluble fiber slow stomach emptying and prevent sugar from being absorbed quickly. Some options include apples, oats, carrots, apricots, dates, pears, barley, beans, prunes, beets, raspberries, spinach, and figs. Use liberal amounts of fats and eat smaller, more frequent meals, and don't drink liquids with meals.
Thank you Krista. I posted a second question today of the same nature, not realizing that you has responded to the original. As I said I am new to the group and do not quite know how to navigate the pages yet.

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