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Why am I irritable and extemely hungry after my Blasts?

This is my second go-round with the Nutri-Bullet.  I purchased it back in January very excited to start reaping the benefits of it after watching the videos and reading people's success stories.  Unfortunately for me my first experience with the blasts were not so good.  I started by just following the recipes given so that I didn't have to think too much.  I found that I was extremely irritable after a lot of the blasts(almost how I feel when I consume too much sugar) and also extremely hungry afterwards. 

I don't usually have such intense hunger in general, but I found that I was so hungry to the point that I was craving the worst foods!  I spoke to some people who have been making green drinks for years and then said that I was putting way too much fruit into my concoctions.  One woman said that it's not a good idea to mix so many different types of fruits and if someone has a sensitivity to sugar, they drinking that much fructose in one shot is no different than drinking a whole soda.

I was very bummed, but am determined not to give up.  I am ready to get back into the ring with the Nutri-bullet, but I need some advice as to what to do.  I can't very well keep making the same recipes that were making so irritable that I wanted to punch someone out and so hungry that I wanted to buy stock in McDonalds.

If I could get some support with this issue, I'd appreciate it.  Recipes links would be especially helpful :)

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6 years ago

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Karen glad you are not giving up. Can you share with us what you put in those blast? It would help us help you. I will tell you that too much sugar will cause cravings and irritability. It could also be food sensitivities or a combination of both. I also tell my clients and friends to use at least 3 times more veggies than fruits and to stick with low sugar fruits like berries, green apples, pears, peaches etc...

One blast I really enjoy is and it is very filling and tasty. Recipe for big cup

brewed green tea
Vive Energy Spice (chia flavor)
bell peppers
rice bran
flax seed
strawberries or peaches
ceylon cinnamon

Healthy wishes, Wally Bishop C.N.C.

6 years ago

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Karen, Have you met with a nutritionist? It does sound as if you have a chemical makeup that needs balance and supervision. For me the blasts have the opposite effect. After having one for breakfast, I can go until 3:00 before I am hungry, not exactly an optimum time of the day to need to eat if I'm cooking:(

I had to play with recipes, am still having to play with recipes, because, let's face it, some of them are BLAND. I have discovered flavorings help. I use honey, cinnamon, and vanilla in many of mine, but in your case you might want to exclude the honey. Your system may absorb and process the liquid far more quickly than others, so, in that case, I would suggest eating a muffin with it. Bob's Red Mill flax seed muffin recipe, full of EXCELLENT goodies I have found is a perfect match.

I wish you luck. dch
It was the "Antioxidant Fusion."

Two handfuls of butterhead lettuce
1 banana
1 orange
1 c. pineapple
1 c. mango
1/4 almonds & water

I felt awful afterwards. I have been doing a lot of reading & am going to stick to low-glycemic fruits like berries and apples. I made a blast this AM, but I am still very hungry! I made the Berry Blast, but I also added 1 tbsp. grounded flax seeds, 1 tbsp. of chia seeds & 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder. I am wondering if I add avocado, it will help curb my hunger.

My diet for the most part is healthy...I eat a lot of lean protein, vegetables & healthy fats. I find that maybe there is not enough fat in these blasts to sustain my hunger, so perhaps the avocado will help with that.

Thank you for your thoughts & suggestions. I look forward to your response!!!
Karen that is a lot of sugar in the recipe you provided. Excess sugar as you probably know is toxic and will make us feel really bad when absorbed quickly in our blood stream. I do think adding the avocado, more veggies and nuts and seeds will be much more satisfying. Here are two articles on sugar and fruit:

Krista talks about fruits specifically in this article and how they will leave you hungry.

Healthy Wishes, Wally Bishop

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