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What tips do you have for pain and weight gain?

Briefly, here is my health situation. First, I fell about 20 months ago, and am still in pain, which has increased off and on over the past months, and now seems to be worse when I am trying to go to sleep.  I have consulted several health care professionals who have yet to diagnose the problem.  I have been eating ibuprofen like candy and want to stop.  Second, I have had diarrhea since January, and have gone from about 130 pounds to just over 90 pounds.  I desperately want to increase my body mass because sitting, resting my back on a chair, and other "activities" are very painful because I have no body tissue to cushion me.  To complicate matters, I had all my teeth removed on 10/29/2013 and am wearing dentures.  I will not be able to get temporary liners for several more weeks, so my diet is limited to soft foods.  Food tastes strange, and sometimes even activates a feeling of nausea.  The dentures were necessary because there was a considerable amount of decay.  I feel that was contributing to some of my pain.  The pain and nausea limits what I can prepare to eat, which means I keep losing weight.  (I am 65, 5'6" and cannot afford to lose any more weight!). The juxtaposition of these three health situations make this an excellent window of opportunity to embark on a better lifestyle, and I believe the NutriBullet system can help.  But I could use some advice about what kind of blasts / boosters can help me start to build body mass, and by eating foods flavorful enough to get past the side effect of the dentures. So ... is this the way I can enlist the in-house nutritionist?  If not, how do I do that.  If I am, indeed, in the right place, what's next? FYI, another customer gave me a bunch of recipes by topic.  I have singled out a few topics which seem like they would be most helpful at this time:  Heartburn Healer Blasts, Constipation Relief (even thought I have diarrhea, I thought gut issues would be a good focus), Anti-Inflammatory Blasts (for the pain and to eliminate the need for Ibuprofen), Indigestion Correction (again, to help my gut function), Muscle Blasts (since my muscle mass has deteriorated so much), Best Blasts for Heart Health (because the diarrhea evidently has created an extreme shortage of potassium, and that affects muscles, nerves and heart health.

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Let me see if I can make a few suggestions! I would like to preface this response with a note to make sure that any of these are appropriate for you personally by discussing them w/ your healthcare provider. Even though you've outlined some health history, I would need much more to make a personal recommendation.
So, one, for weight gain, I'd suggest adding in some higher calorie ingredients like nuts, seeds, nut butters, cold-pressed coconut oil, avocado and also some added protein to prevent further muscle wasting. Here's an article on protein powders:
Aim for at least 72g protein a day (possibly even up to 1-1.2g/kg body weight) to maintain any lean body mass.
You received some good suggestions from the other NB user...
Re the diarrhea: the main goal is to figure out what is disturbing your digestive system. If your previous diet was lacking high fiber foods and you are now NutriBlasting, this could be a sign that you took it too fast...cut back on portions and introduce fiber slowly. Choose bland foods like banana, applesauce, rice and try some peppermint or chamomile tea to reduce inflammation and soothe your GI. Iron supplements help dry up loose stools. Also, be sure to rehydrate. You lose a lot of water and electrolytes when diarrhea occurs. I'm not sure how this would taste, but how about banana, oats, apple, a dash of cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, and coconut water!
I would start by using your short cup and make sure you are drinking slowly. I know sometimes I can drink a Blast in under 5 minutes and this usually makes my stomach hurt. Try this Blasts and slowly build up to including more raw veggies.
1/2 banana, 1/4 oats, 1 cup almond milk or coconut water, 1 mint leaf, 1/4 inch chunk of ginger and 1/4 cup of cherries or kiwi or any fruit you have on hand. Drink this slowly and see how it sits.
For inflammation and pain - I'd suggest searching thru NutriLiving as we have several recipes and resources for these topics!
Good luck and keep us posted :)
Thanks, Krista. When I said "new user", I definitely meant NEW. I barely have the equipment out of the box. The first thing I did was to take some things that were too lumpy to be palatable for my new "teeth" and make them smoother. I found some carrot ginger something soup that I thought would be great, but couldn't take the lumps. Now that it's smooth, it's not a problem. Apparently when I researched "immediate dentures", there were some things I have yet to uncover -- like the change in access to taste buds, or the fact that the dentures won't be lined for another several weeks depending on the healing. You gave me some great suggestions, and today, between bouts of pain, I went shopping and got some of the basics. Thank goodness I was able to read some of your suggestions before I embarked on a more thorough expedition into the NutriBullet. I now have a small assortment of the basic greens (the first 50%) and the basic fruits -- including the ones you mentioned. I have used Goatein protein powder in the past and purchased a new container just before the dental experience. I had the benefit of the advice of an excellent nutritionist who explained that goat protein is much more gut-friendly for humans than cow or other "dairy". You mentioned my healthcare provider. I do not really have one at this time. I started working with an ARNP (advanced registered nurse practitioner) because I met her before and really liked her. However, this "trip", I have discovered that her viewpoints are no longer compatible with my own. For example, I had a small infection on my toe and she made out a prescription for antibiotics!! I ignored the prescription, went home and cleaned the wound, used a little antiseptic cream, covered the wound and followed that a few days and the infection went away. So far she has tried to get me to take meds whose side effects are diarrhea. Seems a little counterintuitive. One of my personal drawbacks (which I am working on NOW) is I have rarely been the cook in the family. Now that I am living alone for the first time in more than 30 years, I am having to start from scratch - literally! I really hate to waste good food, so I am sometimes reluctant to experiment and have to relegate the experiment to the compost heap. Fortunately, my housing community has compost bins for use. LOL I started a pain med diary more than a month ago where I track foods and the diarrhea to see if I can tell what makes it act up. Doesn't seem to like Ben & Jerry New York Fudge Superchunk. Dang! My goal is to add the recipes I discover / create to my arsenal of healing foods and make a double recipe of the things I like so I always have a quick "meal" to eat with no excuse about "it take too long". When I worked with the nutritionist, I bought a Juiceman, but it's laborious to clean, and she did not like the fact that so much good fiber went unused. I like the NutriBullet much better for both cleaning and the fiber. Again, I'm glad I have had opportunity to look at your comments before I went "whole hog". So, I'll revise my diary to include more "intake", do more research (I spent several hours going through the FAQs thru December 2012), and experimenting with your suggestions and the recipes I have found that seem to fit my varied situation. Again, because I am so new, maybe I should not be writing such personal comments in this venue, but being able to "get expert advice" was a STRONG incentive to getting started with NutriLiving. guess I'd better make good use of my few months! Thanks again!!! I'm very grateful for what you shared with me. !! ;-)

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