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How can I control bloating?

Hi, we and another couple purchased NB about 6 weeks ago and are enjoying the blasts very much.we are wanting to improve health and wellbeing and would like to loose a little weight before Christmas holidays.but we are all noticing we are putting on belly fat and feel a little flabby since we have started NB?we have the blast every morning for breakfast and add half banana with chia, seeds, cocao ect as per the recipes.would love some feedback to see if we are doing anything wrong or a better recipe you may think will be better?

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4 years ago

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Do you actually weigh more? I did the 5 day cleanse using nutribullet for the first time & I only lost 1lb & I was really bloated but I'm guessing it's because I'm not used to all this fibre, I'm going to follow the 6 week programme that comes in the book & see how I get on
I am really bloated and gaining weight every day. I love the juices in the morning but I think I need to cut back for several days and see if I can get less bloated,
January 21, 2015

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