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Can I do a partial nutribullet plan?

Hi, I just got my nutribullet a month ago, and just started to read the actual recipes recently. I saw in the user guide and recipe book, that I can make a daily plan for my self. I've got a problem with that though, and I wanted to know what to do. Since I'm still in high school, I have a early hectic day and I am able to have my nutriblast in the morning and afterschool, but I don't know what to do with the rest of my diet. My mother cooks pretty much everyday, and I tend to take her left overs to school, because I wouldn't have time to make all the meals recommended in the plan. Does this diminish the entire goal of changing to the nutribullet lifestyle. If I don't go through the entire plan that is given, does that mean that I wouldn't get any results?I hope my question is clear, Thank you so much in advance.

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4 years ago

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First, any progress is good progress. If you are working to improve your health, I believe God will honor your efforts. Second, our NutriBullets are awesome tools, but tools they are. Don't be consumed with blasting every meal and snack you eat. For instance, while the extraction process provides better nutritional benefits, it's perfectly okay to enjoy actually biting into a piece of fruit or chowing down a healthy salad. Improving your health is an important goal, but it mustn't be an idol in your life. Blessings, Daniel

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