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Which foods help with eye health and vertigo?

I fell from a attic July 2011, had vertigo for 19 months. I did specific exercises for my vision for a while, which got some what better, but it seems to be getting really bad. I have had lasiks, and my vision is said to be 20/20. I still think this is related to the muscles and nerves in my eyes. Which super foods would be good for this, as well as weight loss, and brain function. I am so stupid anymore, I'm lucky to remember my name. I have trouble recalling names of things I use all the time. I am just starting my juicing journey. Yes I need to relearn punctuation. I seem to have forgotten that also, which just recently noticed have a herniated disk in neck. I have been off work. I have been watching a bunch of Netflix documentaries on food and health, and decided now is the time! So far, I've quit mountain dew, and alcohol, currently on chantax and trying to quit smoking. Any advise would be welcomed.

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4 years ago

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I would suggest meeting with a local RD that can sit down with you and give you a personalized plan, with multiple health concerns it is hard to give general recommendation when you have specific needs. I would suggest starting with replacing one meal per day with a Blast that is half veggie based. There are tons of recipes on this website in the recipes tab section. Here are some great ones that target inflammation that would be a great place to start: Here is a link to help find a local dietitian that could help with your nutrition counseling:

4 years ago

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