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Could my NutriBlasts be causing shaking?

Hi, My name is Martha, I am a new member and am trying to reduce inflammation in my lower back pain with kale, spinach, berries, and celery, flax and sunflower, walnuts It appears that the recipe provokes trembling or shaking, could this be a cause?  How can I control my inflammation and the shaking problem?. Is it possibly one ingredient that is causing this?  The recipe reduces the back inflammation but provokes shaking. Any suggestions?

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4 years ago

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The recipes should not cause any side effects. Please discuss this with your Dr. or a personal RD to see what might be the cause. In the meantime, try another recipe until you can dial into what or if there's a trigger ingredient causing this. One other thing that might be causing it is too much sugar. I'm not familiar with the exact recipe you are using, but if there's a lot of fruit or other high sugar ingredients then that may cause some people to feel shaky.
Martha, this only my personal opinion, but if you are new to blasting to start with small amounts and work your way up. I made the mistake of starting with large blasts and I did not feel good. Had intestinal issues and "the trots." I was a good eater, but blasts are really concentrated. One culprit with me was the kale. Not sure why I don't get along with it, but I had to weed out some things to get to feeling optimal.
I noticed Maca Root cause me to be super shaky. I gave it all away. You just have to find foods that work for you.

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