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Can I use orange juice instead of water?

When I prepare my Nutri-Blend juice in the morning, I add orange juice instead of water - it tastes better.  However, just wondering if that's a good idea.  Any side effects?  Thanks.

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4 years ago

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Orange juice adds a lot of sugar to a NutriBlast without any fiber - while water adds no added sugar. This can potentially cause a rapid spike in blood sugar which can leave you feeling jittery and a higher chance of cravings later in the day (when your blood sugar heads back down). You want to be sure that your blood sugar is well managed so a balance of sweet whole fruits with veggies that are fiber rich along with a nice little boost of protein can help keep it stable. Maybe start with 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 water then slowly reduce the amount of OJ. Or try another liquid option like unsweetened almond milk or 1/2 coconut water and 1/2 water to add flavor w/o a lot of added sugar.
I was on another smoothie type diet last year that added almond milk or Kefir to the mix. Any other thoughts on this?

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