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Where can I register my NutriBullet?

I see no place on your site to register my new NutriBullet. Please advise...

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4 years ago

Official Answer

Please go to to register your product.

4 years ago

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Yes, please advise!
Yes, why isn't it more intuitive to register the product?
I agree. I can not register online? Created account gave registration #. is that it? Please reply I do not see answers to questions below.
I can't register my new nutribullet. I already have a user name & password so going to the site mentioned above will not work. It tells me the username is already being used & won't let me procede
Help, I have the same question
All you have to do is I click to sign up for nutriliving account.
Can't register product. It says that the serial number doesn't match the product that I bought. I am using the number on the sticker on the bottom of the nutribullet. This company is shady, and it wouldn't surprise me that you can't register your product on purpose. If it isn't registered, it isn't under warranty. slick way of doing business!
If you choose/click the item(picture) you bought at the top, it will be OK. I had the same message, but it all cleared after I clicked the item.
thank you, having same problem
same problem here. Where do we find the answer?
What’s the deal!? - I bought a nutribullet pro yesterday. Trying to register it today,the serial # doesn’t match the product - well it certainly does! I got the box out to compare as well! Nutribullet 900 series - box says Nutribullet pro. No real helpful answers on any of the comments. Thoughts?
Did you figure this out? I’m having the same issue now. Thanks!

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