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Are there any blasts that help with ADD/ADHD?

are there specific blasts or food combinations that would aid in reducing the symptoms of ADD/ADHD? My son was recently diagnosed with this and we are seeking alternatives to modern medicine (aka....first line of defense is putting kids on stimulant drugs). if there are any roots and/or superfoods that could be added, I would love to find out about them! Thank you!!

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4 years ago

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Hi heard milk thistle helps calm down n try keep as much sugar from diet l have 2 teenagers boys I've done this but when n school they get that junk n sneak it n eat before get home it helped when l first started its frustrating I'm with u don't want no orthodox drugs.

Sorry l had made a comment bout the cleasing gave wrong contact info it's facebook Drbrown brown. N ref. To my money making opportunity n detox n lose weight. .Total life Changes my website have several produts. Tea detox coffe regular coffe hcg liquid vitamin skin care .products . Staying healthy n looking for alternatives for treatment of Add ,Adhd. God bless .

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