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Is there a nutritional difference between fresh and frozen produce?

I am curious if you lose any nutritional value if you have to use frozen vs. fresh? Example at my local suppermarkets I can never find fresh squash other then zucchini squash, or they don't have fresh frozen pitted cherries, but the frozen cherries are pitted.

My second question is, I had a juicer that you had to drink right away or it would loose the nutritional value, is the nurtibullet rx different?, can I make it the night before and drink it the next morning?

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4 years ago

Official Answer

Frozen is a great option because it helps preserve nutrients as soon as they are picked. After you Blast, oxygen will start to breakdown certain nutrients, so the quicker you can drink your Blast the better. Here is a video that can help explain how to store a Blast:

4 years ago

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I have heard that frozen can offer more nutritional benefits since the fruit/veggie is picked at its peak ripeness and flash frozen. Fresh often takes a few days to go from being picked to getting to the market. Either way...fresh or frozen, eating any fruits and veggies has to be a good thing :-) Can't really answer the 2nd part... I'd imagine it would begin to lose nutritional value, but really how much could it lose? I think again it's a win/win

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