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Are veggies needed in every blast?

I just got a nurtribullet and I'm not sure if it's healthy to have a blast that's just fruit. I'm also trying to loose weight and I haven't seen any blast recipes that I really like. Can I make one on my own that has all the veggs and fruits that help loose weight?

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4 years ago

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You are free to experiment with your own combinations! The recipes on the page are just for suggestions. I'd stay away from an all fruit Blast...this is not conducive to weight loss as it spikes blood sugar and insulin levels.

A good mix of veggies with some low sugar (low glycemic) fruits and some protein and healthy fats for a boost make good weight loss Blasts when consumed as a meal replacement instead of in addition to your regular meals and snacks.
When I first got my Nutribullet I was having a little trouble getting used to the taste of certain veggies also so I used a few tablespoons of a vanilla flavored protein powder to help with the taste. Also I mixed a cup or so of vanilla flavored almond milk. Now I don't need the vanilla flavored protein powder I can just do the tasty recipes on this website and a few of my own!

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