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Please provide clarification on when to use peels, rinds and seeds..

I read a few previous comments about rinds and peels. I am very confused about this. On previous comments I saw a list was provided on what to peel,wash,cut etc. It states to peel all citrus lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit. It also says to remove paper from garlic. This list contradicts everything in my nutribullet user guide and recipes I received w/ my NB 900.

Ex: pg 76 immunity mix use 1 whole orange w/rind 1/2 lemon w/ rind and 1/2 lime w/rind. Also I have been watching David Wolf on HSN he has been making recipes and stating to throw garlic w/paper on in, again goes against your list. I truly would like the answers to this being the 900 wasn't that cheap and I don't want to get sick.

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4 years ago

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