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Daily Servings... What constitues a serving?

Someone please shed some clarity on how the servings work? The recipes in the Nutri booklet separate them by groups, however I need to intake several groups daily. Does this mean I need to blend several different recipes a day? Or can I just create a recipe that includes my daily assessment intake needs? This servings thing got me a little confused... need help lol. Thanks!

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4 years ago

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Sorry for the confusion. Let's see if I can help clarify.

We encourage you to take those suggestions and build a Blast that suits your particular needs/results. We've provided suggestions of ingredients that fit within each category. Example if you scored 2 red, then include 4 Tbsp of a red fruit or veggie in your Blast.

However, another option would be to take the color that you scored the highest and search for recipes that fit the category. So, say your result showed that you could benefit from an anti-inflammatory Blast, then search for recipes that contain yellow foods like pineapple, turmeric and ginger (or search for inflammation on or recipes page). Maybe the next day choose a Blast that has the color you scored second highest.

The great thing about whole fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc. are that they benefit you in numerous ways...the body is linked. For example, reducing inflammation also helps improve heart health and all the fiber keeps our digestive system on track and also helps remove bad cholesterol.

Try not to get too overwhelmed and start simply. The quiz is a guide to help you become aware of what is going on in your body. It shows you what might be the first place to pay attention to - think of it as the first domino that needs to be pushed to help improve all the others!

The main idea is to get in more healthful foods and eliminate the junk. :)

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