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Are there contraindications with any of the ingredients from the NutriBullet recipe book?

I'm am in the best shape of my life at age 55 - I've lost 22 lbs and I now weigh 185lbs and I am 6'1". However I suffer from high cholesterol and I also have high blood pressure. I take medications for both and was wondering if anyone knows of any contraindications with all the ingredients available in the Nutribullet recipe book..

Also, Nutribullet should have a virtual nutritionist on this website - anyone agree?

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6 years ago

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Michael, Krista Haynes is a Registered Dietician and I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant and we are both available on the forums to help in any way we can.

Your question is very broad in nature and we can't tell you what interactions with drugs for every possible food that may be listed. I would suggest you speak with your Pharmacist, Doctor or a RD specially for your needs. Most foods do not interfere with medications however some like grapefruit, cocoa and a few others may.

I am sure Krista will reply as well and she may fell more comfortable with a direct answer.

I will tell you that using the NutriBullet with high fiber foods and foods rich in magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids could/may help your condition. However you should talk with your Doctor about this.

6 years ago

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Michael - I wish I could provide more specifics as well, however without knowing which specific medications you are taking, I'm not able to tell you exactly how they might be metabolized in your body and the list of foods in our database is quite large. In addition, each person is unique and what one may experience, may not be the case for another.

The pharmacist or your Dr. should be able to provide you with all nutrient/food/drug interactions that are relevant to your medications. They make specific books that cover most meds available. One of the biggest known interactions is grapefruit with statins. I would avoid this citrus fruit while taking your medications. Pomegranate and its juice is another one that is believed to interfere with statins.

Also, keep in mind interactions among medications and supplements (vitamins, herbs, etc.). When looking up supplements on the Internet to see if any contraindicatons are noted, be mindful of whose site it is so that your information comes from a credible source. Two that I'd recommend are:

For herb/drug interactions -
For herb/supplement/drug interactions -
Hope that helps!

-Krista Haynes, RD

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