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Is it healthy to chop up Vitamin Pills in Smoothies?

Some believe we don't digest vitamin pills properly and we end up wasting most of them and they don't get absorbed well. So can we take them in smoothies? Should we at all keep taking Multivitamin when we have Fruit/veggie smoothies regularly? Thanks for your help in advance.

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4 years ago

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You should check with the manufacturer of the vitamin, some tablets and capsules should not be crushed or opened. Crushing could interfere with the absorption of the vitamin or if they're coated for time release. Some tablets may be cut or crushed, some capsules can be opened up, and the contents sprinkled onto food for ease of swallowing but you should contact their customer service to be sure on what you're using. If swallowing a pill is hard, there are liquid vitamins or chewable.
For vitamin and mineral supplements I think it is best to assess what might be lacking in your diet or get tested to see if you are deficient in anything...then you will have a better understanding of which supplements would be most appropriate for you. Most of us don't need all that comes in a multi-vitamin. Especially if we are eating a wide variety of colorful produce and balanced, whole food meals.

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