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How can I modify the recipies if my doctor says I cannot have seeds, and no "hard nuts"?

I have diverticulosis and my doctor has told me not to eat seeds, nuts (exceptions walnuts and pecans), and the only berry I seem to be able to tolerate (without removing seeds) is the blueberry. What do I substitue in place of seeds (like chia seeds), other nuts, and strawberries and raspberries. I am also not supposed to eat corn.

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4 years ago

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You have a couple options. Maybe you could mill the nuts into a powder or nut butter or just stick with the ones he approved. For berries, try other fruits with similar colors...example in place of raspberries maybe try red seedless grapes or use pitted cherries in place of strawberries.
Please follow your Dr.'s orders as he knows your specific health history, however you may wish to discuss with him options. Research findings show that some of these foods are ok to consume if they are not a trigger of inflammation for you (the NutriBullet is able to pulverize most nuts and seeds (blackberry and raspberry are the toughest) so that they may be less irritating). Some studies including this one discuss this:
Again, before consuming nuts or seeds, talk w/ your Dr. This is for your information only. Thanks!

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