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What are some substitutes for cruciferous vegetables / greens?

Most of the Super recipes calls for 1/3 green veggies,

I have hypothyroidism and I cannot eat cruciferous veggies. Do you have any suggestions for replacing
the cruciferous / green veggies, in order to gain the best results? Also, I need to Gain weight

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4 years ago

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If you cook your greens this helps decrease their goitrogen content which is the chemical that interacts with your thyroid. You can also use lower goitrogen greens like celery, celery leaves, silverbeet (chard), beetroot (beet), beetroot leaves, cos (romaine) lettuce, Courgette (zucchini), cucumber, grapefruit, lemon, limes, orange and watermelon to name a few. Here is an article that discusses how to support the health of your thyroid:

4 years ago

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