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Is it normal to be gassy after using NutriBullet?

Hi, a few months ago I bought my nutribullet because I got sick and I got my gallbladder removed, so I decided to change my diet, because I'm more like meat eater person, I being drinking some of the recipes and I liked but a few days I'm so gassy and I'm wondering if that is normal or maybe I'm doing something wrong..

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4 years ago

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It may be the increased fiber in your diet from the smoothies and your body is not use to it. I would suggest sipping them slowly, make sure you are drinking a lot of water throughout the day and getting up and walking and doing some stretching. You may also want to use some lower fiber foods like romaine lettuce and maybe try canned fruit in natural juices. You can slowly build back up the higher fiber foods.

Here is an article that can help answer your questions:

4 years ago

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