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What are good recipes for colon cancer and chemo?

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4 years ago

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The cancer/antioxidant recommendation has been debated in the medical world and we don't quite know the exact answer yet. There has also been debate on if whole food form vs. supplements are acceptable. See this link for more:

For the time being, I suggest you STICK WITH YOUR DR'S ORDERS. Pretty much all plant-based foods contain antioxidants. There are some higher than others. Here's a research study plus two other resources that show the antioxidant content of various foods. Maybe you could go over this list w/ the Dr. and see if the foods w/ low number are fine to include in your diet. You'll notice some numbers might be different since there are many variable that contribute to the antioxidant content of foods (where they are grown, stage of ripeness, processing, exposure to heat/light/air, etc.)

4 years ago

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