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Should I be worried about getting too much of certain nutrients, such as potassium and magnesium?

I'm concerned of getting too much potassium and magnesium from the nutriblasts. Also, can I harm myself if I have gogi and cacao everyday...or maca and bee pollen?

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4 years ago

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Unless you have an underlying medical condition that warrants a low potassium or magnesium diet then I wouldn't be too concerned. Most of us aren't meeting our daily recommended intake of these nutrients. In general, shoot for 7-9 servings of produce a day.
Along with sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium, potassium is an electrolyte. Like all the other electrolytes, our bodies have evolved elaborate systems to control blood levels in a narrow range.
Regarding the intake of superfoods, if consumed in a reasonable portion it is fine to consume daily. The only exception to this in your list is maca which should be cycled for it to remain effective. Maybe use it for one week then another week off or use it three days, then omit the next two. I always advocate variety! I often get in food ruts and consume the same thing every day, however to get a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, it's good to change things up every now and then!!

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