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Is it ok to just mix vegies or fruits separate and get good results?

I was told by a nutitionist when I eat veggies to wait till there digested to eat any fruit because they do not digest well together.

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4 years ago

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We don't have a lot of research on "food combining" so I think it's used more on an as-needed basis for those with digestive troubles. Sometimes combining certain foods (in whole form) don't allow for proper digestion in those with inadequate enzymes or are lacking good gut bacteria. When the NutriBullet pulverizes foods, it’s reverting food to it’s pre-digested state, reducing the load on the GI system and making them more easily digestible and absorbable. By consuming fruits, veggies and boosts in this manner, many find it less taxing on their digestion as compared to ingesting food in its whole food.
I would refrain from drinking an all-fruit Blast as this will be very high in sugar and may cause blood sugar spikes.

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