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What foods help with cholesterol?

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4 years ago

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We have some great recipes on this site for heart health in addition to the ones in the Natural Healing Foods book. Submit a search for "cholesterol" to find articles, recipes and healing foods. Almost anything you put in a NutriBlast will benefit you. These foods are filled with fiber and antioxidants, two important components that help reduce cholesterol. Focus on soluble fiber - this type binds "bad" LDL cholesterol to help remove it from your body! Oats, apples and flax seed are great additions to a cholesterol-lowering NutriBlast. They contain a great amount of soluble fiber, which helps bind cholesterol and remove it from your bod. Grapes, strawberries, and citrus fruits also contain pectin, a type of soluble fiber most noted in apple skins, that lowers LDL. Check out this link from Harvard that distinguishes the breakdown of fiber found in several foods.
Outside of NutriBlasting, I'd recommend cutting back on animal based foods (meats, dairy, eggs, etc.) as these contain saturated fats and additional dietary cholesterol that have been shown to increase blood cholesterol levels. With continuous NutriBlasting, over time, you will more than likely see your numbers drop!

4 years ago

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Eat a 1\2 clove of garlic a day and your doctor want be able to measure your bad cholesterol! Good to know: cholesterol is what your brain is made of; so if you take statin drugs you lose good and bad cholesterol and your good cholesterol and you end up with alzheimer's as a side effect! Look up {dead doctors don’t lie} On you tube; I am allergic to nitrates in meat and food so my bad cholesterol is real low. Because I don’t eat them!
September 21, 2015

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