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How can I make my NutriBlast a thinner consistency?

I find the smoothies to be too thick and have difficulty drinking them, just can't deal with the consistency, any way to make them thinner?

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4 years ago

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First, be sure to loosely load your ingredients to the MAX LINE and then add liquid to the MAX LINE to ensure you are getting the thinnest result. Never fill fruits, vegetables, OR liquids passed the MAX LINE. The types of ingredients used can also affect the thickness of your NutriBlast – flax and chia seeds will give your NutriBlast a bit of a gelatinous texture that will continue to thicken as it sits. Nuts, avocado, and protein powders will also thicken the consistency of your Blast. But consider this: the thicker your NutriBlast is, the more filling it will be. So if you’re looking for your NutriBlast to satisfy your hunger for a few hours – the thicker the better!
To make thinner, fewer ingredients and more liquids and fewer "thickening" foods.

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