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How do I lessen garlic taste in Blast?

I added an abundance of items and could not get rid of the garlic taste in my drink. I only put in 1 tsp of garlic powder. I LOVE garlic bread, but garlic in my drink, I almost threw up it tasted so horrible. Any ideas that have worked for people? I still want to get the health benefits (minus the bad breath) of garlic

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4 years ago

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I'm afraid to say that garlic is just one of those foods that overpowers the other flavors. While I have not experimented with these, I use banana, cinnamon, beets, and cacao powder to try to cover up flavors I don't care for. Try reducing the amount you use or maybe try ginger in place of garlic - it has some similar benefits!
I love garlic! Use the clove take like asmall pinch leave the skin on! A llittle goes a lonnnng way! Garlic is very potent! Dont use the powder go
Go fresh on the garlic again use a small amount & if you're self conscious you can add mint leaves or buy Altoids mint Red/ White tin can every blast I include garlic!

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