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Can you live on NutriBlasting alone? Should you eat solid foods and if so how often?

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4 years ago

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You are more than welcome to Blast away; it’s a great way to get a large amount of nutritious foods into your diet! Two NutriBlasts are recommended in our 6-week transformation plan only as a suggestion for meal replacements at breakfast and lunch. NutriBlasts may also make a great addition to your current meal plan. If you are planning on only drinking NutriBlasts, be sure your Blasts contain all of the essential nutrients – carbs, proteins and fats – to meet your daily nutrient requirements. Be sure to speak to your doctor or nutrition professional before starting on a NutriBlast-only plan.
Unless you are having chewing difficulties I would include solid meals at some point. Not only might it be difficult to get all the nutrients you need from solely Blasting for an extended period of time, but the act of chewing is important for various reasons.

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