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How can I make my Blast fill me up longer and help lose weight?

Help me understand what would be better for my blast. I am using blueberries, strawberries, pineapple (frozen), 1 fresh banana and spinach. I have been adding some uncooked oatmeal, however I have been getting hungry about an hour before lunch. So I am thinking I need to add some protein. Should I go for Chia Seed and cut out the oatmeal or should I keep the oatmeal and add protein power? I am looking to lose weight. So some help on what will be the best to lose weight and get the moat nutrients.

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4 years ago

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You say you are hungry an hour before lunch, but consider how many hours it has been since you ate long in between your Blast and the time you take lunch. If it is less than 3 hours then I'd suggest adding in some more protein and healthy fats. A protein powder, hemp seeds, chia seeds, seeds (sunflower or pumpkin), nuts, nut butters. I would keep in the oats as these are filled with fiber that helps keep you feeling full.
Keep calories in check if you're trying to lose weight.
One other trick...keep high sugar fruits to a minimum. Blood sugar spikes are followed by dips which make us hungry and induces cravings.

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