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Do you have a recipe for bloating and constipation?

I need a recipe for bloat and constipation

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4 years ago

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Bloating is often a side effect when one starts to incorporate more fiber quickly into their diet. Keep drinking plenty of water to help flush it though and if you have to, cut back a little and then reintroduce more fibrous foods slowly. Also, drink slowly. It may also be due to other reasons. Here's a good article on bloating with other suggestions on how to beat it: As far as your daily menu, just be sure you are getting enough calories and healthy fats too! It's ok to sub in a NutriBlast as a meal replacements as long as it contains a nice combination of protein, healthy fats and carbs! Including veggies, some low glycemic berries and nuts or seeds with your protein shakes will help you meet those quotas.

Including more liquid and fiber into your diet can also help with constipation, here is an article that gives some additional tips:

4 years ago

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