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What exactly is a superfood?

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4 years ago

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There's been a lot of misinformation and hype surrounding the term "superfood." When we talk about "superfoods" on and in our Superfood Blends, we're referring to foods that have a high density of nutrients relative to their size and caloric content. Superfoods provide more bang for their buck nutritionally, so to speak.

These foods can be found locally--like blueberries or kale--or in faraway places (relative to the United States, where our company is based) like goji berries, cacao, and chia seeds. We believe it is our mission as a company to update our customers on the best health information available, and that includes raising awareness and increasing availability of exceptionally nutritious foods that may not be readily available in the United States.

No, superfoods won't cure cancer or make you live longer by themselves, but they may contain powerful nutrients like antioxidants or healthy fats that have been scientifically linked to improved health and wellness. When added to a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruitsand an active lifestyle, superfoods can be used to help you meet your daily nutritional goals, which over time can lead to better health overall.

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