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What is the best recipe for when my digestive tract need a rest?

I have a very very long sloppy bowel with lots of loops......the muscles don't really work very well......because of this I am in pain most of the time.
So at times when things really slow down and I need to give my digestive system a rest......,
What would be the best Bullet recipe for me.....keep in mind the less I put into my body the better........but at the same time I don't want to deprive my body of nutrients.

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4 years ago

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Because I do not know what the underlying cause of this is, I cannot provide specific recommendations. I suggest you discuss this with a GI Dr.
If you are looking for foods that might be easier on your GI, I'd recommend looking into a low residue diet to see if that's appropriate for you. Again, this is a suggestion to discuss with your Dr. as it may not be the best approach for your situation.
Here's a general overview of what this might look like:

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