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Any ideas for battling breast cancer?

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4 years ago

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First and foremost, research suggests maintaining a healthy body weight. Choose foods that are higher in fiber to help bind bad estrogen to remove from the body. A lower carb/sugar diet is recommended. Eating plenty of cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc. I would avoid soy and foods with phytoestrogens (flax) as the research on these has been inconsistent. Foods high in antioxidants (think dark rich colors: reds, oranges, yellow, purples, and greens).
Eating simply and mostly plant-based shows to be beneficial. You're on the right path!
Remember the other areas of wellness...stress management, exercise, social support and rest!
Dealing with a breast cancer is not easy. You will be stunned and most probably emotionally drained. Often doctors try their best, but might not be enough to get success with their treatments. In this situation, you have to be strong and battle with the disease as long as you can. The key is to compile exercise, meditations, and maintaining a healthy body weight. As you are already suffering from the disease, it's your social responsibility to make people aware about breast cancer symptoms and early screening. Make people aware about mammogram screening, conducted through device provided by medical companies present at . Since finding cancer symptoms early, opens the path to cure the disease in initial stage. Making such efforts will give you mental satisfaction and will save thousands of life.

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