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How do you know which recipe is best for you?

I'm a little confused. Just received the bullet and took the quiz. The results were that we (husband and I) need 1 xtra serving of each color. How do we incorporate the results from that test? Also, can you mix a "blast" and the put in a different cup and freeze for later? We're very excited about using this but need more direction as to what recipes we should use.

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4 years ago

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The quiz encourages a variety of colors and produce in each Blast, it is more of a template than something you have to follow exactly. When getting started I always suggest finding a couple recipes that contain ingredients you like and then playing around with them. We have hundreds of recipes on this site and you search by your favorite ingredients. Here are some simple and tasty Blasts to get started:,

Here is a video that explains the best way to store a Blast and how long they will last:

4 years ago

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