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How many times/day should you have a NutriBlast?

If you have a 'bullet' drink in the morning and then at lunch, can a person safely consume that for any extended period of time or ?????

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4 years ago

Official Answer

This depends on each person, what your current diet includes, how many calories per day you are eating, your daily caloric needs, etc.

I usually suggest starting with replacing 1 meal per day with 1 Blast and eating clean for your other 2 meals. See how you feel, if you want to increase to 2 Blasts per day you can, but just make sure you are getting adequate nutrition from your other meals and snacks.

Here is a great 5 day healthy eating guide that can help you figure out how to structure a healthy diet:

4 years ago

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My assessment advise I should have 3 servings of red, 4 of yellow, 3 or green, 3 of blue, 4 of orange. I was wondering how much is a serving? and if I blast twice a day are should each blast be the 3 of red exec... or are they broken down in half? Such as 1 1/2 of red in each blast.

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