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Why has my weight loss hit a plateau?

Hi, I have been exercising for 2 1/2 months six times a week, the first weeks I lost 10 lbs, but now for the third week straight I have not lost nor gain any weight. Two weeks ago I started increasing my exercising but the result is the same no gain or loss in weight. I'm doing a no carbs diet, what is going on with my weight? shouldn't I be losing?

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4 years ago

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Check out some of our tips here that may be part of the cause:

Also, know that as we approach our "setpoint weight" , a healthy weight our body naturally gravitates to, the harder it is to lose requires fewer calories and a form of exercise that shocks the system back into fat burning mode.
Now I noticed you said a no carb diet - fruits and veggies and beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds contain carbs - these are part of a healthful, balanced meal plan that you should be including in your diet.
In addition, give it time...your body will go through ebbs and flows - actions you take today will not show up tomorrow, but could show up in time!

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