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How often should I do an anti inflammatory smoothie?

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4 years ago

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Most people tend to see benefits when they NutriBlast once a day. We suggest that you switch up your Blast recipe every now and then so that you can reap the benefits of various ingredients.
Try to include as many anti-inflammatory ingredients in the Blasts as you can, however don't go overboard. Too much of a good thing isn't always better.
Check out our list here:
Yes! For some unknown reason my left ankle and foot swells for seemingly no reason. I am not diabetic or pre-diabetic and my doctor cannot identify the reason for the inflammation even after lab test. I am going to try the recipes you suggest and reap the benefits. Thank you!
August 13, 2015
Like most blasts I have made so far, I liked it, it was a bit heavy in ginger though. (Had to look up what was meant by 1 inch...) Don't really like spicy foods so will try quartering it. By the amount made do you have to use the large cup??? Thanks!

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