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Is there a recipe for almond milk?

I saw a chef recently make a quick almond milk recipe. She blended 4 cups of water, a pinch of sea salt, 2 dates and 2 Tablespoons of pure almond butter instead of using almond nuts. It tastes good but I worry about nutrition. Am I missing anything here?

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4 years ago

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-1 cup Raw Almonds
-Filtered Water
-Cheese cloth or A Nut Mylk Bag
-Optional natural sweetener (about 5 dates, coconut nectar, raw organic honey etc.)

1. Start by soaking your almonds overnight in the filtered water, using about 2 1/4 cup or so. You can soak for as little as 8 hours if that’s all the time you’ve got in the morning.

2. Next, drain the almonds by pouring out the darker, dirtier water into the sink. Make sure that all of the dirty water is poured out.

3. You should be left with more hollow, softer almond than usual. The enzyme inhibitors contained within the almond have now been removed.

4. Place the cupful of almonds into the Nutribullet and pour about 1-2 cups of filtered water into your NutriBullet Cup.

5. Add the sweetener (5 pitted dates, coconut nectar to taste). You can also add vanilla extract, cinnamon, or even raw cacao nibs to make various unique flavors.

6. Blend in the Nutribullet until you achieve as smooth a consistency as possible.

7. Pour the mixture into cheese cloth or a nut mylk bag and use it to strain it until an even smoother consistency is obtained.

8. Enjoy! Your almond milk will keep well in the fridge for about 3-4 days maximum. Great for using in recipes that call for regular milk, and also excellent for a morning protein boost.

4 years ago

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