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Is there anything that can help with bad breath?

We have tried ensuring that he flosses, rinses, I don't feel that he has an excess of sugar in his diet and seems to eat fairly well for a teenager but his breath smells like butt. I know it bothers him that we are constantly on him about it when he is doing everything we ask so I would like to know if there is a smoothie that would work to help this situation. Thank you

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4 years ago

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Herbs contain essential oils that are powerful breath fresheners. Mint can clear the palette just by chewing on a couple leaves or drinking a mint tea. Anise Seeds have a nice, licorice flavor that freshens the mouth. Cardamom Pods - can help freshen breath, but do not swallow. Parsley contains an enzyme that can help clear odor causing particles. It also cuts the taste and smell of onions and garlic. Chew after a meal. Coriander - If mint or parsley are not appealing, try coriander which has a lemony flavor.

4 years ago

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