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Are there fruits and vegetables that I can freeze without losing the nutritional value and still taste good?

I want to save time making my nutriblasts in the morning. I thought it would help if I made up bags of fruits and vegetables and freeze them. What fruits and vegetables are safe to freeze and can I add them together in seperate bags prior to freezing. That way, I can take a bag and just add to my nutriblastrx and my juice will be ready to drink. Will this process looses any nutritional value. Thanks

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4 years ago

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Fruits and vegetables hold their nutritional content when they are frozen. Because they will be going into a blast, you do not have to worry about the fruits and vegetables changing texture after they are frozen. You can freeze everything as long as it goes straight into a Blasts. There are some vegetables like spinach and other leafy greens that become slimy after they are frozen and defrosted.

Here is an article that discusses the nutrient content of frozen versus fresh produce:

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