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When do I get "more water in my diet"?

Whenever I drink a Blast, I get a little constipated and my stool becomes hard which irritates my hemorrhoids! I don't want to give up Blasting, so I've been reading as much about this topic as possible. One thing I've read quite often is, "When you increase your fiber intake, you need to increase your water intake". Well, when do I do that? Do I take a sip of water between every sip of Blast? Does it do any good to drink an entire Blast and then drink water later throughout the day?

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4 years ago

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Since you are adding quite a bit of water in your Blast, definitely include that in your total water consumption.
To increase water intake, drink fluids (water) throughout the day when you are not Blasting as well. No need to intersperse water between sips.
If you have a bottle filled with water with you at all times it will remind you to sip on it throughout the day. Shoot for at least half of your body weight (pounds) in water (ounces).

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