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How do I get started NutriBlasting without overloading my digestive system?

Thank you so much for responding. I have already read this article and several others that you have available. Maybe I was not clear. Let me start again. I am new to all this and I have not tried the NutriBullet yet! I have not consumed any NutriBlast. My problem is knowing the right way to start this journey!!!

1. My first question is should I start with the Toxin Cleansing Blast?
2. Is it alright to use the small cup to do this? Will it still be effective?
3. Do you drink this blast all at one time, through out the morning, etc.
4. As I begin the rest of the Blast, should I be scheduling myself to drink a different Blast every morning?
5. I don't want to overload you with a lot of questions, so do you have a video I can watch that answers all these questions and more?

My concern is to start off right because I really want this to work for me. I want to improve my health. So I don't want to ambush my self and not have this work because of my stupidity. Again, thank you for your patience with me. I do look forward to starting soon but I want to do it right.

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4 years ago

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1. That would be a great Blast to start with.

2. You can use the small cup for a snack, but if you are going to be using this for a meal replacement, I would suggest using the tall cup.

3. Yes, you drink the whole Blast at once.

4. It is good to have a variety. I would suggest picking 2-3 Blasts that you drink throughout the week. This will prevent you from getting sick of your Blasts, and will expose your body to a variety of nutrients.

5. If you want a comprehensive plan, I would suggest checking out our 5 day cleanse, this would be a great place to get started and help jump start your health:

4 years ago

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