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Can a NutriBlast be used for weight loss and weight maintenance?

My wife is wanting to shed some pounds and I want to maintain my current weight. We both work out at the gym to times per week up to times. It is a mix of treadmill/elliptical and strength training, alternating. Is there a blast we can share to hit both our goals or should we make separate blast to accomplish our goals?

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4 years ago

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There are a couple of things to understand for weight loss and weight maintenance. For weight loss, the key goal is to have eat less calories than we use while or weight maintenance, you want to consume the same amount of calories as you used through daily activities. You can use almost any blast and share it. For your wife, she may want to consume less and you may want to consume more of it if it was made in a large cup. Because we don't know how tall and how heavy you are, we are unable to pinpoint the exact calories and serving for each of you.

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