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What fruits and vegetables are good for hair, skin,and nail health?

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4 years ago

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Here are a couple good places to start!
To attain strong and healthy nails, eat plenty of protein. To make keratin—a tough protein that’s a major component in hard, strong nails—the body needs protein. Some great options for protein in your Blast could be hemp seeds, a plant-based protein powder (check out our new tasty vanilla protein in our store!), nuts, nut butters, seeds, and even some white beans.
For brittle nails, include more essential fatty acids in your diet to help keep your nail beds moisturized. Add two tablespoons of flaxseed oil or ground flaxseed to your Blasts. Other options include hemp or chia seeds and walnuts.
Iron is another mineral you want to be sure you are not deficient.
Drinking lots of water is also important to keep nails and cuticles hydrated.
Finally, although there is not a lot of clincial research, an ancient tradition of drinking bone broth is believed to help build strong bones and nails.

Collagen, which helps keep our skin looking young, is not found in food directly; however, there are some foods that help boost its production to help sustain a youthful appearance.
Zinc, a mineral known for speeding up wound healing, works with the skin to help rebuild its collagen fibers. Zinc is found in raw cacao, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sesame seeds, pecans and rolled oats.
The amino acids proline, found in wheat germ, along with lysine, found in legumes, also looks promising for promoting collagen formation. However, it is important to consume with vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies in order to convert it to its collagen-producing form.
Silicon is another helpful mineral found in hemp, radish, alfalfa, oats, bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Finally, a couple phytonutrients that show promising results for strengthening the connective tissue matrix are catechins, found in green tea, and anthocyanidins, found in deep-colored, red-blue berries and fruits.
The phytonutrients found in cucumbers, a natural beauty food high in B vitamins (except B12), vitamin c, silicon and other minerals, help heal and smooth collagen.

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