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Are digestive and anti-inflammatory enzymes "used up" if added to a Blast?

Enzymes for inflammation in a blast -- don't enzymes get used up on the food? In a video David Wolfe says that enzymes helped his recovery from an injury, so he advises putting them in a blast to reduce inflammation. But I thought enzymes are not effective when taken with food, because get metabolized by digesting the food and then are done. For example, Wobenzym is a popular enzyme product for inflammation, but it's meant to be taken away from food. So, while enzymes might be good for aiding digestion, are they really of any use when taken as part of a "blast".

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4 years ago

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All enzymes have a certain pH range at which they work best. Some may be active in a Blast however even if it was, enzymes are different from antioxidants in that they are not "used up".

Enzymes are proteins that are digested just like any other protein. Enzymes must be coated to bypass the acid in your stomach and the other enzymes that may break it down.

If taking a digestive enzymes, I'd suggest taking the supplement either before or during your meal (not in a Blast that would break up the protective coating) and looking for one that has been approved by USP for effectiveness.

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