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Which NutriBullet product would you recommend for my first investment?

Am just a newbie to the whole Nutribullet system so wondered which of the products I should purchase as my first? I am TypeII diabetic, recently had bariatric surgery and am now going to the gym 5 days a week. The surgery has NOT reduced my insulin dependence so am trying all things possible to get myself off of diabetic medication. Including being more active. Any help with which drinks are best for my situation would be greatly appreciated. I already do a protein shake twice a day.

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4 years ago

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I'm not sure if you are asking about NutriBullet unit or one of our superfoods.
The unit depends on your specific needs, how much power you're looking for and if you are planning to make hot soups or not (that'd be the NutriBullet Rx).
We have several diabetic-friendly recipes here on NutriLiving.
This will get you started:
For superfood blends, this too depends on what you are looking for. None of them contain any added sugars. I'd suggest the protein powder since you said you were already making a protein Blast daily.
Here's our lineup:
I am a first time user of the nitributtetrx. I need some recipes to start. I am on medicine and insulin but I have stop taking them because they are not helping my diabetics. I found out that the medicine is not a cure you have to change your eating habit which is what I am trying to do. Please help me

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