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Can you explain why and provide support that animal fats or saturated fats can increase insulin resistance?

To Jeannene Davis: Pls. back up your claim that "Animal, or saturated fat, causes insulin resistance

I've never heard that claim before, and I'd like to know what it is based on, please.
Antonia Bates

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4 years ago

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Insulin resistance is the body's reduced ability to process glucose (digested carbohydrates) in your blood. Insulin resistance is a hallmark of type 2 diabetes. According to research, it is the body's altered fat metabolism that increase the development of insulin resistance. Fats are processed in liver and muscle tissue where in excess, it can interfere with the insulin stimulator of glucose transport. The glucose transport is responsible for bringing in the glucose from your blood stream into your tissues like liver and muscle tissues. As a result, the glucose stays in your blood and therefore raises your blood glucose. With repeated occurrence, it often translates into type 2 diabetes.

Before you stop eating meats and saturated fats, you have to remember that this does not happen to everyone. The differentiating factors include genetics, central obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. Individuals who carry their excess weight in their abdominal are more at risk than individuals who carry it around their hips and thighs. While you may be overweight but you are active in your lifestyle, you are also less at risk. Finally, individuals with a family history of type 2 diabetes also increase your risk.

The topic goes into molecular biology. There are various research that would discuss the topic future. If you are interested in reading it in academic journals and their research findings, we urge you to go to this article that discusses it further.

She is right on the money with that answer. Check Newcastle Univ., England and you will educate yourself about Diabetes.

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