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Where do I start?

I am 5-10, 210#, 74 year old male.. I want to lose weight and get rid of the inflammation..

But I have no idea where to start... I have 2 nutri blast

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4 years ago

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I say to start with fruits you enjoy and add leafy greens such as spinich. To be honest I will use what I have available most of the time. In the morning, just grab some frozen fruit berry mix, maybe some carrots, and some spinich, and than toss a few almonds on top and fill up with coconut milk, almond water, or just plain water! The great thing about using frozen fruit is it makes your drink cool and refreshing. The one thing I would tell you is do not over think the ingredients you are puitting together, I just went with what I thought would taste good and it did, I also feel way better and no longer take anti inflamation medication because the pain is really diminshed. Just try with simple ingredients and go from there, you will notice a change within a few days, at least I did. And nutribullet stands by there products, great customer service.

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