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What is a good receipe for runners pre and post run

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4 years ago

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Here is a great article for pre-workout tips and recipes: and here is a great article for post-workout recipes:

Ideally for post-workout recovery you want to get your calories in within 30 minutes after your workout. If you are running, having a higher ratio of carbs to protein is best. I like a mixture of complex and simple carbs to deliver energy right away and then also continue to release energy over a longer period of time. If you are Blasting for recovery, the above links have great recipes that would be perfect for after a run. Also think about how you can fuel while you are running, if you are planning on hitting the road for over 90 minutes, it may be best to take a little fuel with you. I like cliff shot blocks, dates, and honey stinger waffles for on the run fuel.

4 years ago

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