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When detoxing, whats the recommended length of time between each cleansing?

Trying to lose 10-12 while starting my exercise program, nothing intense at the moment.

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4 years ago

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This will depend on how much your diet needs cleaning up and how long you plan to do a cleanse. In general, eating clean as a lifestyle is much better than sporadic detoxes. I don't advocate extreme cleansing for weight loss. However, cleaning up you diet, assisting your body's natural cleansing (with healthy doses of fiber, alkaline foods, probiotics, clean proteins, antioxidants, and pesticide-free produce) can aid in weight loss. Focusing on a specific time frame can help motivate you to make lasting change. Check out our recent 5-day cleanse here:
You can do this plan once a month if you wanted to because it is not restrictive. It also provides some good ideas for the types of foods you may want to include in your regular daily menu.
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