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What types of fruits and veggies would prevent diabetes? I am also overweight.

what fruits & veggies with exercise can i use to stop me from becoming diabetic i am 25lbs overweig

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4 years ago

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Fruits and vegetables are a great method of decreasing the amount of fats and sugary foods in your diet. They also include high amounts of fiber so they slow the glucose absorption to prevent sugar spikes.

There are no specific types of fruits and vegetables I would recommend that I would specify. Be sure to include not only fruits and vegetables but also include proteins and and healthy fats to balance out your diet.
I have found that by not eating all white breads,white rice, pasta ,exercising three or four times a week I have dropped from 230 lbs. to 205 in a three month time frame . My diet now is full of fruits and vegetables and a very small amount of meat.
Yes not the most fun at times but my blood sugar level now is below 90 in the morning and after 2 hours is about 101.

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